Powder coated spring rewind

PathFinder PFS-910W welding spring rewind



Ref: PFS-WELD / Oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane – (max 200psi)

The Pathfinderå¨ range of user friendly hose reels is absolutely UNIQUE with brand new features not found on any other hose reel available today. This reel is exceptional because the hose guide arm is not bolted and fixed in one position, and will automatically travel through 90å¡, going from a horizontal to a downward pay out. All reels are supplied complete with a swivelling wall bracket, which means, which ever direction the operator is pulling the hose out, the reel and guide arm will follow. This unique function allows the reel to work perfectly, when mounted in higher positions, out of harms way.

  • Constructed in heavy gauge powder coated steel
  • Finished in a durable, white powder coated gloss finish
  • Unique, automatic, 90å¡ vertical rotational span
  • Allows the guide arm to move vertically up and down in a smooth, effortless and fully automatic manner
  • Roller guide arm returns to its rest position after use
  • Latching of hose at any length
  • Fully automatic hose rewind for neat and tidy storage
  • Extended roller guide aperture to ease hose stacking
  • Externally mounted swivel assemblies
  • Viton seals and nylon backup rings as standard
  • Low, medium and high pressure applications
  • Double supported 1", solid steel axle
  • Pathfinderå¨ Self-adjusting roller guide arm
  • All working parts fully accessible for servicing
  • Floor, wall or ceiling mounting options
  • Suitable for air, water, oil, diesel and grease delivery
Hose capacity 10m
Hose ID 3/8" x 3/8"
Max PSI 200psi
Colour White
Reel dimensions W: 21cm x H: 44cm x D: 61cm
Approx weight 18.2kg

Weight and dimensions include pivoting wall bracket. Weight of wall bracket on its own - 2.7kgs

Pending, Patent Application References:
European Application Ref: EP.08250980.3 (Countries Covered: 34)
United States Application Ref: US.12/150,206.

Model Hose ID Length
Depth Weight
PFS-915L 3/8" 15m 300 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-920L 3/8" 20m 300 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-1315L 1/2" 15m 300 White 21cm 52cm 69cm 23.8kg
PFS-1320L 1/2" 20m 300 White 21cm 54cm 69cm 23.8kg
PFS-910W 3/8" x 3/8" 10m 200 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-915W 3/8" x 3/8" 15m 200 White 21cm 54cm 69cm 23.8kg
PFS-915M 3/8" 15m 2500 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-920M 3/8" 20m 2500 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-1315M 1/2" 15m 2500 White 21cm 52cm 69cm 23.8kg
PFS-1320M 1/2" 20m 2500 White 21cm 52cm 69cm 23.8kg
PFS-615H 1/4" 15m 5000 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg
PFS-915H 3/8" 15m 4000 White 21cm 44cm 61cm 18.2kg