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R230794 Drester DoublePower Granules



Ref: R230794 Drester DoublePower Granules

Only water and the new Drester DoublePower granules are used to wash wheels in the Drester wheel washers by Hedson. The water and granules are flushed onto the rotating wheel with pressure.The Drester DoublePower granule uses different textured granules to optimize the washing process; the characteristics of the mix of granules are crucial for an excellent cleaning performance. The Drester cleaning method with granules is an environmentally friendly and offers time efficient cleaning technology. Neither detergents or chemicals are required in this process.

  • Minimal environmental impact due to no requirement for detergents or chemicals in the cleaning process
  • Low water consumption in the cleaning process
  • Supplied in 20 kg (44 lbs) bags, which is enough to clean 4000 wheels