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Ref: R715070 IRT UV Smartcure

The UV Smartcure is a robust hand held battery-powered UV curing device developed using the decades of experience of curing paints of all types with UV & Infra-red lamps. It combines the latest UV LED technology. Constructed from a tough glass fibre filled polymer, the unit is fitted with a 3mm scratch solvent resistant tempered glass with a fibre reinforced frame to prevent damage, to the units high performance UV-LED‰Ûªs. The electronics have been designed specifically for this unit and include an intuitive, user-friendly display that shows the battery level, run time & when the fan is running. They also include temperature sensors to guarantee that neither the electronics or LEDs, can overheat.The kit includes 2 high performance 18V Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (fast charge 45 minutes), 1 battery charger, 1 wall mount, & a pair of UV Safety glasses.



  • Fast curing time
  • Easy to use
  • Low-temperature processing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Safe to use in your bodyshop
  • Included in kit: 1x IRT UV Smartcure, 2x batteries, 1x battery charger, 1x wall mount & 1x pair of UV safety glasses
Voltage (for charging batteries) 220-240V
Battery 18V
Battery load 200 W
Output light in measured peak light 325-350 mW/cmå?
Weight (inc. one battery) 1.16 kg
Operating temperature -10å¡C to +40å¡C
Wavelength 395mm
Risk Group EN62473 3