Bodyshop Equipment




The IRT ICURE by Hedson is a compact robotic rail dryer system that can be retrofitted to most spray booths and prep zones with minor adjustments.

The ICURE uses the latest infrared and UV curing technology, making it extremely reliable with precise curing results, plus time and cost savings.

  • Robotic motion along the long/short side of the vehicle
  • Flexible and easy to move into any position manually
  • Both dynamic and static drying available
  • 2000 W HID UV-A lamps
  • Guarded UV safety glass, ozon-free
  • Plug and play with pre-programmed cycles with the option of manual cycles
  • IR lamps > 20.000hrs with lifetime counter for UV lamps
  • Both dynamic and static drying available
  • IRT shortwave infrared combined with Gold Reflectors = 97% Energy Transfer highly efficient
  • Energy consumption monitored per job
  • Time saving and exact drying process
Nominal Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Voltage 400-480V~3Ph/PE +/-5%
Full Load Capacity 26A
Main Disconnect Fuse 32A
Sound Pressure/Power Level <70dB (A) at 1m
Ambient Temp Max 40°C (During Operation)