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R800606 IRT Combi 4-2 IR-UVA



Ref: R800606 IRT Combi 4-2 IR-UVA

The combination of shortwave infrared and UVA radiation makes this mobile dryer unique. One cassette includes 4 IR lamps and 1 UVA lamp. Featured with 15 (IR:12, UV: 3) pre-set programs for water and solvent based paint material, from putty to clear coat.

  • IR and UVA can be run individually and in sequence
  • The infrared lamps are mounted in gold surface reflectors, reflecting up to 97% of short-wave radiation
  • The IRT control unit includes program selection
  • Time counter for the life length of the lamps
  • Curing area IR: 2,2m x 1,5m at a distance of 60cm
  • Curing area UVA: 1,8m x 1,0m at a distance of 55cm with UV-A intensity of 25mW/cm²
Voltage 380-420V 3 Ph/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Power IR: 12kW UVA: 2,4kW
Fuse 16A
Current IR: 16A UVA: 6A
Max. Cassette Height 2240mm


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