Curing equipment

R800625 IRT 2 Prepcure (Handheld)



Ref: R800625 IRT 2 Prepcure (Handheld)

The IRT 1 Prepcure is suitable for curing minor paint & panel work, as well as for applying & removing stickers. The dryers can either be used as a hand-held dryer or be mounted on stand (Optional). Can cure all base & paint materials. The on/off button is integrated in the handle & the stand is fitted with a manual timer.

  • Can cure all base coat & paint materials
  • Powerful ventilation
  • On/Off button integrated in the handle & manual timer on the stand
  • Fitted with gold-coated reflectors to provide a more even heat distribution
  • Stand timer can be set to a maxium of 120 minutes
  • The stand allows for both vertical & horizontal curing
  • R800460 ‰ Stand with timer 230v, 1 PH
  • R800598 ‰ Stand without timer
  • R102700 - IRT LAMP 360 1kW 235V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current 8A
Output Power 2 kW (Twin Lamp)
Fuse 10A
Voltage 230V 1PH
Stand Height 1450mm