Spray gun cleaners

RDG3C / RDI3C Ace Triple Combo




The ACE Triple Combo is designed to clean Solvent and Aqua spray guns. The Boxer incorporates the all-new Automatic Wash Box which provides a compact automatic cleaning area which is supplied by pump fed clean and recirculating solvent. The Automatic Wash
Box also incorporates the Drester method of installing the spray gun; the new-patented magnetic gun holder allows the spray gun to be positioned quickly and easily in the machine, eliminating the need for multiple extension tubes. The compact size of the Automatic Wash
Box means that manual cleaning of solvent spray guns, along with Suction and pressure pots can take place in the manual workstation situated in front of the Automatic Wash Box at the same time as a spray gun is being cleaned. The unit is equipped with a flow through brush to
clean the externals of the spray gun and a paint channel flush gun for the internal surfaces the unit. It is also supplied with a blowgun to dry off the spray guns after cleaning and a spray out facility. The waterside of the machine is equipped with a paint channel flush gun for the
internals and a flow through brush to clean the externals; after cleaning our well tested water recovery system allows the water or Aquasolve to be recycled using a flocculating powder and filters so that it can be reused and disposed of at lower cost.

  • Automatic washing station, using re-circulating and clean solvent in conjunction with manual clean and re-circulating rinse
  • Sink for manual cleaning, equipped with and a flowthrough brush and clean rinse nozzle (handheld)
  • Aqua sink using a flow through brush with water for the gun externals and a paint channel rinse gun using water for the internals
  • The Triple C can be ordered with stainless cabinet (RDI3C)
  • Ex II 2 G EEx c IIA T6
  • Air Purge Line (keeps solvent away from the airside of the gun while being cleaned)
  • Approved by major spray gun
  • Extraction capture at source
  • All Redashe spray gun cleaner pumps carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship, this guarantee does not apply to fair wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or abuse of the product. Warranty limited to the original purchaser.

Air supply 7-12bar (110 - 180psi), 250l/min (9cfm)
Extraction capacity 200m3/hour (82cfm) (with a 10m extension) this increases the shorter the run
Overall dimensions Height: 1488 mm (58,58") Width: 1190 mm (46.85") Max depth: 675mm (26,7") Depth at the floor: 621mm (24.45")
Extractor diameter 100mm (4")
Weight 100kg (220lb)
Sound pressure level <70db (A)
Pump capacity 10
Solvent pressure 2bar/30psi