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Redashe ECP30 pneumatic can crusher



Ref: ECP30 / Bodyshop 30 litre pneumatic can crusher

Redashe’s pneumatic can crusher is ideal for crushing cans that have been used to store solvent-based liquids, crushing the can reduces the volume of waste for disposal by up to 90%, so reducing the number of skip collections. The crusher has a drip tray to collect spills from cans that have had liquid left in them, and a door interlock prevents the unit from being opened whilst the press plate is in motion.The unit can be mounted on the wall, floor or bench.

  • Pneumatic wall, floor or bench mount (max 30 litre)
  • 30 litre, has door inter lock (can not be opened while in motion)
  • Reduce waste can volume by up to 90%
  • Keep working area clean and tidy
  • Reduce waste disposal costs (fewer skips)
  • Crush cans up to 30 litres
  • Safe, simple operation
Energy source Compressed air
Working pressure 6 - 8bar
Volume of air required 50 litres per complete stroke
Press pressure 2000kg
Dimensions without stand H: 122cm x L: 45cm x D: 45cm
Dimensions stand only H: 87cm x L: 80cm x D: 66cm