Mixing room equipment

Redashe ET120 bodyshop worktable



Ref: ET120 / Bodyshop worktable

Stainless steel topped worktable, equipped with a hood that can be connected to the central air extraction system, providing effective removal of all harmful solvent fumes. An ideal working height is provided and the stainless steel top is very easy to clean. The shelf beneath the tabletop stores square tins in a tilted position for safe and convenient use of thinners and hardeners. A bottom shelf is provided for storing stock and adjustable feet ensure a level working platform.

  • Stainless steel work top
  • Extraction canopy
  • Extraction point
  • Angled storage shelf
  • Flat storage shelf
  • Adjustable feet
Dimensions L: 120cm x H: 140cm x D: 60cm