Powder coated spring rewind

Redashe FM series two way hydraulic reels



Ref: KH4 / Suitable for hydraulic oil applications – hose frontal attachment – (max 9000psi)

The hydraulic hose reels are applicable in cases where it is necessary to send oil, through flexible hoses, from a machine at a standstill to another moving machine. The rewinding process is performed with a returning spring. The revolving body is constructed of a GS 500 iron casting and mounted onto a surface hardened steel shaft. The component parts all undergo both a pressure test and an overall inspection. Standard colour: Black. The hydraulic hose reels are recommended for fork-lift trucks, hydraulic cranes, and so on. Recommended hoses SAE 100 R7, SAE 100 R8, T1DB. The hydraulic hose reels are manufactured according to the rules referring to 'ISO 9003 Quality Warranty' and are accompanied by the EC certification required by the 'Machine Directive'.

A variety of rotating joints are available for this product. Please refer to data sheet for more details or call 01252 785010 to speak to one of our hose reel specialists.

FM Series Hydraulic Reels


Model Dimensions Weight
A B Max. reel length (mm) & connections
Ìü mm mm Ìü 3/16" Ìü 1/4" Ìü 5/16" Ìü 3/8"
KH4.071.001 325 70 - 5000 4200 4000 15kg
KH4.071.002 385 70 - 7000 6600 6000 16kg
KH4.071.003 400 70 - 7500 7000 6500 16.5kg
KH4.071.004 420 70 - 8500 8000 7500 17kg
KH4.071.005 470 70 - 9000 9000 9000 18kg

  Ìü 3/16" Ìü 1/4" Ìü 5/16" Ìü 3/8"
C 20 30 33 40