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Redashe IF-FAW-C-1000 Compact Mixing Room Increased Safety Heater



Ref: Redashe IF-FAW-C-1000 Mixing Room Increased Safety Heater

The Redashe increased safety safety heaters feature all stainless steel or powder coated construction. Why do you need an increased safety heater? All areas where there is a potential risk of explosion are covered by ATEX Legislation, all equipment used in these areas must be certified and marked with the ‘EX’ symbol. Most automotive paint manufacturers recommend that water based paints should be stored at an ambient temperature of not below 5å¡c and mixed above 15å¡c. At 0å¡c the water content in the paint, can freeze and could irreparably damage your stock.Fitting a Redashe mixing room heater could eliminate this risk. A range of models are available to suit most sizes of mixing room. The correct model for your installation could vary dependant on the number of air changes per hour, the location and fabric of the building, contact your Redashe distributor for details. All heaters are rated at 240v AC 50/60HZ and carry full ATEX IECEX certification for gas and dust hazards. Classification zone 1 and 2 where the flammable atmosphere is a group IIA, IIB or IIC gas. Approved Ex e II version to EN50014 and EN50019. Suitable for operating in ambient temperatures from -60 to +40å¡c. Standard temperature class T3, weatherproof to IP66. Cabinet heaters also available.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • ATEX approved
  • 12 month warranty
  • Cabinet heaters also available
Approx room size m3 8 - 11
Voltage 110 or 240
Wattage 1000
Dimensions L: 615mm x W: 160mm x H: 186mm
Weight 9kg
Model Approx room size m3 Voltage Wattage Length Width Height Weight
IF-FAW-C-250 2 - 4 110 or 240 250 350mm 160mm 186mm 5kg
IF-FAW-C-500 4 - 6 110 or 240 500 350mm 160mm 186mm 6kg
IF-FAW-C-750 6 - 8 110 or 240 750 615mm 160mm 186mm 6kg
IF-FAW-C-1000 8 - 11 110 or 240 1000 615mm 160mm 186mm 9kg
IFHFT- / IFAFT Thermostat Thermostat (recommended) suitable for all models: temperature range: 0å¡c up to +60å¡c