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Redashe J30022-1 top high pressure parts washer



Ref: J30022-1 / Top High Pressure parts washer

The Top High Pressure is a new high pressure parts washer for the cleaning of mechanical parts, the unit is fast and economic. The unit has built in operator protection so they do not require excessive protective clothing, thus reducing the preparation time to wash. The pump is operated by foot pedal, leaving the users hands free to clean the part. The washing compartment is well illuminated by a lamp; sight is maintained through the glass by an anti-fogging system, which ensures excellent visibility during operation. The machine is also equipped with air gun for drying and a pumped brush rinse system can also be operated with the front panel opened.

  • Air curtain ensures constant visibility
  • Lamp inside the working area
  • Air blow gun
  • This machine has no brush rinse system pump as with the high pressure unit
Dimensions D: 700 mm x W: 900 mm x H: 1650 mm
Working cabin 840 mm x 640 mm x (H)550 mm
Tank capacity 90 l
Weight 120 kg
Load weight 40 kg
Air supply 6 - 10 bar
Electric supply 230 V
Heater 2 kW
Power pump 1.5 kW
Maximum power 3.6 kW
Resistance power 0 - 60 å¡C