Parts cleaner

Redashe J31100-2 top cleaner 820 power parts washer



Ref: J31100-2 / Top cleaner 820 power parts washer

Manual parts washers are required to clean many different types and size of parts contaminated with varying types of material from greases, release agents, and oils.

The Redashe cold wash units are simple to use and maintain, constructed from stainless steel and using a high quality pump, they can be used with aqueous or traditional cleaning fluids.

  • Flow through brush
  • Grid working platform
  • Foot control
  • External pneumatic pump
  • Separate tank with heating element and thermostat
Dimensions D: 780 x W: 1200 x H: 1010 mm
Basin Size 1200 x 780 x(H)200 mm
Tank capacity 85 l
Weight 75 kg
Load weight 100 kg
Air supply 6 - 10 bar
Electric Supply 230 v
Heater 1.2 kW
Working temperature 0 - 60 å¡C