Antistatic equipment

Redashe N3001 anti-static gun



Ref: N3001 / Anti-static gun

Static electricity is a problem in many paintshops and many paint defects may be caused by this invisible problem. The Redashe anti-static gun will help eliminate static electricity, defects i.e. Dust and overspray clinging to the panel, these problems are easy to cure. Static electricity is generated during the repair process each time the DA passes over the surface a charge is generated, wiping the panel with a cloth, heating and cooling the panel. Even paint when abraded can be a source of Static electricity, using a normal air gun will also generate a charge, which can affect the panel and paint finish.

A simple blast of ion charged air from the Redashe anti-static gun is all that is required to dissipate the static charge, blow off the dust clinging to the panel, and at the same time prevents any further dust build up due to static electricity. The anti-static gun creates an ion cloud of air particles which have been split into positive and negative electrons, directly in front of the air nozzle, because this process takes place in the open and not in a chamber all of the effect is blown over the panel. Fewer particles on the panel means, fewer man-hours spent polishing the vehicles, fewer reworks and a general improvement in vehicle turn around. The unit is supplied as a kit which includes a transformer and one anti-static gun with 10m of high voltage cable and air line which is neatly encased in a protective sheath to form one hose.

For non flammable cleaning solutions only.

  • A unique system where the ionisation takes place in front of the air nozzle, ensuring 100% of the ionised air is blown onto the panel
  • Stainless steel ionisation tube acts as a hand guard
  • A heavy-duty protective sheath protects the HT cable
  • Transformer will accommodate two guns
  • High voltage low amperage to ensure shock free use
  • Both the HT cable and hose are 10m long