Polypropylene spring rewind

Reelworks C2783 high visibility safety reel



Ref: C2783 / C2783A High visibility safety hose reel

The C2783 Multi-functional Hi Vis safety spring rewind air hose reel has an automatic rewind system which prevents the hose from bunching when retracting the hose back, the system layers the hose back onto the reel from side to side, neat and tidy every time. The slow retraction system will prevent the hose from speeding back to the reel if the operator accidentally lets go of the hose. This safety feature helps to protect people against injury, and objects from potential damage. The reel is supplied complete with a Hybrid polymer hose which lays flat when in use with no recoil effect, and stays flexible even in extremely cold conditions. Manufactured from high impact UV stabilised polypropylene which makes this reel tough, lightweight, and corrosion free. 2 year limited warranty.

  • Automatic guide system - no bunching of hose, layers hose from side to side neat and tidy every time
  • Slow retraction system - prevents hose from speeding back to the reel if the hose is let go - Safe Operation
  • Low tension spring
  • Latching of hose at any length.
  • Working pressure up to 300 psi (20 bar)
  • C2783A comes complete with 1/2‰Ûª‰Ûª to 3/8‰Ûª‰Ûª adaptors
Hose capacity 50' / 15m
Hose ID 1/2"
Max PSI 300psi / 20bar