Powder coated spring rewind

Reelworks CHR826-14-466L Series Heavy Duty Safety Spring Rewind Reel



The HR826 series is a high-performance safety spring rewind hose reel constructed in heavy gauge powder coated carbon steel. The reel is equipped with a slow retract function, which prevents the hose from speeding back into the reel if the operator accidentally lets go of the hose. This feature helps protect people from injury and objects from potential damage.  This reel is ideally suited to carry up to 66’/20m x 1/2″ hose, with floor, wall, and ceiling mount options.

  • Constructed in heavy gauge powder coated carbon steel
  • Double arm structure for stability and versatile adjustments
  • Slow retraction system- prevents hose from speeding back to the reel if the hose is let go – safe operation.
  • Latching hose at any length.
  • Supplied as bare reel, hose available at extra cost (Application required)
Hose capacity 66' / 20m
Hose ID 1/2"
Max PSI 300psi / 20bar
Inlet/Outlet 1/2"
Reel dimensions W: 27cm x H: 55cm x D: 50cm
Approx weight NW/18kg GW/20kg