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RGP12 Drester GP 12 Silverstone Wheel Washer



Ref: RGP12 Drester GP 12 Silverstone Wheel Washer

Get both clean wheels and a clean conscience with RGP12 wheel washer from Drester by Hedson. The water consumption per washed wheel is very low and no chemicals are that can be harmful for the user or the environment. The plastic granules (Drester DoublePower by Hedson) are made of a disposable material. With the innovative and pioneering Drester Quick Lift (optional extra) by Hedson (patent pending), together with the door loading system of the Drester Grand Prix by Hedson wheel washers, Hedson takes a major leap forward in ergonomic wheel handling. The Quick Lift loads a heavy wheel in less than 3 seconds.

  • Energy-saving intelligent heating system
  • Low water consumption through closed water system
  • Environmentally friendly & gentle cleaning process
  • Programmable wash cycles, time controlled heater
  • Heat insulating & impact resistant HPE water tank
  • Dynamic flush pipe for fast & efficient cleaning
  • The Quick Lift loads a heavy wheel in less than 3 seconds (Optional extra)
  • Included in delivery - 1 rubber mat, 20kg (44lbs) of DoublePower Granules, heater & granule basket

Technical Data

Wheel width 145-360mm (6-15")
Wheel diameter 540-860mm (22-34")
Max wheel weight 60kg (132lbs)
Compressed air connection 8-12bar (120-174psi)
Air consumption 400 litre/wash cycle
Air flow 1000 litre/min @ 7bar
Power supply 400V, 3~,50 Hz, 16A
Dimensions (WxDxH) Without Quicklift 1081x1201x1489mm (43x47x59")
With Quicklift 1153x1226x1489mm (45x48x59")
Weight of unit 230kg (510lbs) without water or DoublePower
Weight of Quicklift 26kg (60lbs)
Water volume 310 litre (82 US-gallon)
Water consumption 1 litre/washed wheel
Cleaning time/wheel** 25, 50, 75, 100 sec
(dry blowing not included)
Clean rinse 0.3 litre/washed wheel

Accessories & Consumables

Part number Description
R230357 Clean rinse
R230350 Water cleaning
R230315 Quik lift
R230508 Granule filter
R230794 DoublePower granules (20kg, 44lbs)
R12038 Hose filter (water cleaning)
R12037 Basket filter (water cleaning)
R12076 Flocculation powder (water cleaning)
RBIO-291 Detergent BIO-291