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RW450 Drester Powerwash Wheel Washer



Ref: RW450 Drester Powerwash Wheel Washer

The RW450 is a compact and easy to use wheel washer suitable for every workshop where tyres are handled. The advanced fixed nozzle geometry enables efficient cleaning of all types of wheels. This space saving wheel washer works with a closed water system. This means that the machine can be placed anywhere in the shop, so no requirement for a water connection or drain next to the machine. The water consumption per washed wheel is very low, 1 litre per wheel. If required, the Drester water cleaning method can be used by using a flocculation agent and a mixing motor to separate the residuals from the water. Once filtered, the clean water can be poured into the drain.

  • Improves workflow and ergonomics in the workshop
  • TPMS friendly cleaning method
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Included in delivery - 1 rubber mat, 20kg (44lbs) of DoublePower Granules, heater & granule basket

Technical Data

Wheel width 135-305mm (5-12")
Wheel diameter 560-800mm (22-31")
Max wheel weight 45kg (99lbs)
Compressed air connection 8-12bar (120-174psi)
Air consumption 400 litre/wash cycle
Air flow 1000 litre/min @ 7bar
Power supply 400V, 3~,50 Hz, 16A
230V, 3~,50 or 60 Hz, 32A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1140x1005x1450mm (45x39.5x57")
Weight of unit 220kg (704lbs) without water or DoublePower
Water volume 210 litre (US-gallon)
Water consumption 1 litre/washed wheel
Cleaning time/wheel** 30, 60, 90, 120 sec
(dry blowing not included)
Clean rinse 1 litre/washed wheel

Accessories & Consumables

Part number Description
R14830 Clean rinse
R230812 Water cleaning
R230508 Granule filter
R230794 DoublePower granules (20kg, 44lbs)
R12038 Hose filter (water cleaning)
R12037 Basket filter (water cleaning)
R12076 Flocculation powder (water cleaning)
RBIO-291 Detergent BIO-291