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Sagola 403 spray gun



Ref: Sagola professional paint systems – 403 G HVLP spray gun

The 403 G HVLP has been specifically designed by Sagola to give outstanding finishes when used with the latest paint technology, specifically waterborne paints. Suitable for larger spot repairs and up to medium sized general repair. The 403 G HVLP is supplied as standard with gravity cup.

Redashe are the sole UK importers for all Sagola spray gun products. The Sagola spray gun portfolio is vast and only some of the products available are featured on the Redashe web site. For a full view of the complete Sagola range and extended product information visit the Sagola web site at www.sagola.com.

  • HVLP system, 72% transfer efficiency
  • Compact ergonomic design provides ease of application
  • Precision engineered to eliminate the use of o-rings
  • Single mechanic spindle, low spare/maintenance
  • High application speed
  • Low mist
  • 400 ml gravity cup
Air pressure in cap 0.68bar
Max inlet pressure 2bar
Model Needle and nozzle Air cap Description
Gravity 403G HVLP (standard air consumption 350l/min)
SA10111008 1.4 11 Very high quality finishes
SA10111009 1.3 11 Touch ups, auto parts coating, fade-outs
SA10111010 1.4 10 Low consumption - very low mist
Suction 403 HVLP (standard air consumption 350l/min)
SA10110804 1.6 11 Touch ups, auto parts coating, fade-outs
SA10110805 1.8 11 Auto parts coating
Suction 403B HVLP (standard air consumption 350l/min)
SA10110908 1.0 12 Auto parts coating - very high quality finishes
SA10110907 0.8 12 Touch ups - auto parts coating
SA10110909 1.2 12 Very high application speed