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Sagola 6110 INOX pressure pot



Ref: Sagola professional paint systems – 6110 INOX pressure pot

The Sagola range of exceptional quality pressure pots are manufactured from stainless steel, allowing many different types of coating to be used, including Aqua based. Fitted with dual air regulators and air gauges as standard this pressure pot offers precise control of product to the gun and precise control of the air supply.

  • 10 litres capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Top product outlet
  • Working pressure: 4 bar
  • Double regulator
  • Manual stirrer
  • Optional stainless interchangeable tank
Inlet working pressure 4bar

6110 INOX approvals

Spain AP 1070 FBZ 2330
France CODAP
United Kingdom British Standard 1101-1977
Germany A.D. MerkblÌ?tter
Certification No. FBC - 9168