Polypropylene spring rewind

Redashe SR100-05 warning tape barrier reel



Ref: SR100-05 warning tape barrier reel

Warning tape reels are ideally suited to industrial and commercial situations where a safety barrier is required to prevent people from entering an unsafe or restricted area. The reels can be simply mounted on a wall, the barrier tape then can be pulled across the danger zone and finally hooked on the opposite wall. The tape can then be easily and quickly retracted when access is required. It can also be installed in areas that need cordoning off for maintenance or wherever access must be denied. These reels come complete with an accessory kit that includes a metal screw eye or magnet for fastening.

  • Constructed in high impact UV stabilised polypropylene
  • Ideal for preventing people entering an unsafe or restricted area
  • The tape is manufactured from a strong durable woven textile (width 48mm)
  • Equipped with a slow retraction system preventing the tape from speeding back to the reel if the tape is let go (safe operation)
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty
Tape capacity 16m
Tape Colour Yellow / Black
Reel dimensions W: 155mm x H: 234mm x D: 308mm
Approx weight 2.9kg